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Your PrimePay specialist is Adam Jones. Once you submit a request, Adam will contact your client to arrange a 15 to 20-minute call and will cover the following topics:

  • A detailed review of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program
  • Estimate of the tax credits they may be eligible to receive
  • Review of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act
  • Demonstration of the PrimePay platform
  • Review of the requirements for I-9 and W-4 storage
  • Questions and Answers

Adam Jones

Phone: (415) 123-4567 Email:
Referrals 10 Referrals
Client Company Name First Name Last Name Email Phone Action
Claire's Boutique Deborah Fuller 212-437-7563
Cyberdyne Systems Paul Robinson 212-236-2407
Gekko & Co Nannie Farrar 212-558-1249
Red Robin Peter Tollett 212-478-6027
Taco Bell John Martinez 212-307-4044
Massive Dynamic David Garnett 212-650-9274
Ollivander's Wand Shop Andrea Herrera 212-558-1249
McDonald's Cody Schuler 212-478-6027
New York Cardiology Mark Street 212-307-4044
New York Florists Tara Erickson 212-659-6835
Clients Subscribed to PrimePay Hire 10 Subscribers
Client Company Name Accountant First Name Last Name Email Phone Payroll Provider Earned WOTC Action
McDonald's Nannie B. Farrar David Garnett 212-437-7563 PrimePay $5,600
Cyberdyne Systems Deborah W. Fuller Andrea Herrera 212-236-2407 PrimePay $4,800
Gekko & Co Paul J. Robinson Mark Schuler 212-558-1249 PrimePay $9,600
Red Robin Mark E. Feinsot Tollett Hamilton 212-478-6027 PrimePay $12,400
Corner Bakery Kreider Sharon Martinez Lei 212-307-4044 PrimePay $6,500
Pizza Hut Cathy Cha Jose King 212-650-9274 Paychex $21,400
TOGO'S Sandwiches Thielen Carper Patsy Taylor 212-558-1249 Intuit $8,400
Subway David G. Garnett Schuler Martinez 212-478-6027 PrimePay $9,600
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Cody M. Schuler Betty Garnett 212-307-4044 Paychex $2,000
Rubio's Coastal Grill Sanjiv Gupta Betty Fuller 212-659-6835 PrimePay $15,600

PrimePay Tax Credits Revenue Sharing Program

PrimePay values it's relationship with the accounting community. By working together, we can help clients offset thousands of dollars in taxes and in many cases help clients save more in taxes than they spend on accounting and payroll fees, combined.

PrimePay recognizes that accountants will invest time and resources reviewing and completing the required forms so that clients may realize tax savings. In consideration of the time and effort spent, PrimePay Hire provides a revenue sharing program that accountants may opt into.

Step 1:

Please select if the payment should be made to the firm or to the individual accountant:

(payments are made on quarterly basis)

Make check payable to:

Step 2:

Please complete Form-W-9 to recieve payment:

Complete W-9

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Download W-9
Step 3:

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